Are You Really Getting The Best Price Guarantee For Gold

Almost all gold buyers including pawn shops, jewelry stores, and gold buying stores all advertise that they pay more than anybody else and they guarantee to pay the most cash for your gold.

This is a clever way to fool the public into thinking whatever they offer will be the most that you will get for your gold or other precious metals.  In reality if you read the fine print about the guarantee they all have ridiculous reasons to not honor there advertised guarantee.

We recommend shopping around and getting many quotes for your items and after you check with all the local options you will find out that M and M Gold Exchange is the highest paying gold and precious metal buyer in the United States.

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How M & M Gold Exchange Started

Many years ago I was in a meeting with my business partner and we began discussing business opportunities and we were trying to find ways to invest into new business ventures.  We began discussing gold and other precious metals.  We had heard over and over again that the public was constantly being ripped off by pawn shops, jewelry stores, and other gold buyers.  Since the majority of the public is not educated as to how to put the proper value on their gold and precious metals they were being taken advantage of buy these unsuspected companies.  We decided the public deserved a better option. We then vowed to educate the public and to offer prices near full market value.  M and M Gold Exchange was formed as a company within weeks of this meeting.